Hypnotherapy - an effective treatment for IBS 

Did you know that IBS is the most common gastrointestinal (gut) disorder? 

It’s been estimated that IBS affects about 7% of New Zealanders and 10-15% of the worldwide population. It affects males, females, adults and children. More females than males suffer from it and this is believed to be related to hormones.

IBS causes considerable suffering. It's characterised by frequent stomach pain associated with diarrhoea, constipation and bloating.  The onset of symptoms is often unpredictable. They tend to fluctuate, and can vary from day to day, month to month, and year to year.

What causes IBS is not fully understood or known. 

When your IBS flares up:   

are you furious with the situation?
is it all just so unfair? 

So far, medicine has not been able to come up with a suitable treatment package for this costly and distressing illness. The good news is that research has found that the symptoms are very treatable with hypnotherapy.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment for IBS has been rigorously tested

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment for IBS has been rigorously tested - especially that of the 'Manchester Model'. This model was developed by Dr Peter Whorwell, a gastroenterologist at the University of Manchester, and recognised leading expert in IBS treatment. Whorwell has been treating IBS for more than 35 years and sees about 2,000 IBS sufferers a year.

In his most recent study (2015) Whorwell looked at 1,000 patients with hard-to-treat IBS, and determined that hypnosis had helped 76% of them reduce their symptom severity by at least half. Altogether, Whorwell now has more than two dozen papers supporting the fact that hypnotherapy can help people’s symptoms of IBS. He studies show that the benefits of IBS hypnotherapy are long-lasting. 

In America, a large review published in 2014 by the American Psychosomatic Society, found hypnosis brought a 54% improvement in patients with IBS who had not responded to conventional therapy.

IBS Hypnotherapy Programme

The aim of the IBS Hypnotherapy programme is to significantly reduce both the symptoms and the frequency of your IBS attacks by:

1. Bringing an awareness of any specific food triggers.

2. Making targeted suggestions on gut activity, as well as suggests of general relaxation.

3. Calming the digestive tract and preventing unnecessary focus on discomfort in the body.

4. Addressing the “miscommunication” between the brain and gut, producing a therapeutic effect.

5. Providing you with a healthy coping strategy.

You are also given a supporting recording to listen to in-between your sessions.

The basic programme totals 4.0 hours spread over a number of weeks.


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Important: If you suspect you are experiencing IBS I recommend you consult your GP or healthcare provider in the first instance for a medical diagnosis. Your doctor can check for signs of an underlying medical condition that may need treatment.

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