Performing Under Pressure – Doing Your Best When It Matters Most

We all experience pressure; whether at work, home or play. Pressure provides the stimulation we need to take action, perform at our best and achieve our goals. This sort of pressure is healthy and rewarding. However, when pressure becomes excessive and we feel inadequate or unable to cope, that’s when we experience stress.

Stress has a detrimental effect on our performance and, in the longer term, a damaging effect on our health and well-being. In order to enjoy life and guarantee our well-being, we need to be able to cope with short term stress and avoid chronic stress.

Benefits of this 1 day workshop

This workshop is aimed at people who want to learn how to perform better under pressure and by doing so reduce the stress in their lives. Less stress leads to greater physical and emotional well-being. The workshop provides an opportunity for you to learn and develop a suite of valuable life skills.

Participants with gain an understanding of how we experience pressure and stress and will be better able to recognise when they are nearing the tipping point - the point at which pressure turns to stress. Once we pass the tipping point out performance and well-being suffers.

By the end of the day participants will be able to:

  • understand how we experience pressure, stress and anxiety
  • apply this knowledge to recognise the sign of stress in self and others
  • use a range of new skills, strategies and techniques to manage pressure, short and long term stress more effectively
  • experience a greater sense of control
  • reduce their stress level

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop will benefit people:

  • working in high-pressure environments who are looking to perform at their best and prevent stress becoming an issue.
  • currently experiencing the adverse impact of stress on their performance and physical and emotional well-being.
  • looking to develop the life skills that will enable them to perform at their best and protect their health and well-being.

Workshop content

The workshop is designed and facilitated by Tony Yuile. The content is based on current research and practice. A workbook is provided.

Learning Objectives:

Part 1

  1. Understanding pressure
  2. Understanding stress
  3. Identifying when the pressure has become too much
  4. Ways to monitor your stress level

Part 2

  1. Tools and techniques to survive and thrive under pressure
  2. Tools and techniques for immediate stress relief
  3. Tools and techniques to prevent chronic stress


Limited to 14 maximum

Where and When?

Date: 17 August 2019

Venue: Wellington High School

Room: M408

Cost: $105 incl GST

Your Investment

The price for the workshop is $105 (including GST).

Morning and afternoon tea is provided.

The workshop registration fee entitles participants to a 25% discount on the price of a 3 session coaching package with Tony (equivalent value - $115).

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For more information about whether this workshop is right for you, contact Tony on 021 056 8389 or email:

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