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My story

I've been transforming people's lives for over a decade now. Prior to becoming a coach and clinical hypnotherapist, as a chartered accountant, I enjoyed a thirty-year career in financial accounting and risk management. I'm a life member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and a life member of RISKNZ. To learn more about how I came to transform into a life coach and hypnotherapist take a look at 'MY STORYas reported in the Dominion Post a few years ago.

It was my painful experience of work-related stress and anxiety that was the catalyst for my becoming a hypnotherapist and coach. Once I'd emerged from the dark hole I'd descended into, I set out to learn all I could about stress and anxiety, so I'd never have to experience them so badly again.

The first self-development course I took, introduced me to hypnotherapy. As a lover of words, I was fascinated and excited by the fact that words could be used to change one's own life or another person's life.

I signed up for a clinical hypnotherapy course and, by the end of that year long course had decided to say 'goodbye' to my old career and start a new phase of my life as a hypnotherapist and life coach. 'The rest...' as they say ‘... is history.' 

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Receiving my certificate from the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) President recognising my 25 year membership of CAANZ
Tony Yuile


I do this work because I’m passionate about helping people to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. Over the last decade, spent helping people transform their lives, I’ve learned that we should never underestimate the power of our mind to create change. Our mind and body are one system and we can influence them both in ways that enhance our wellbeing.

We all possess a set of innate resources such as our imagination, long term memory, and an observing self which we can harness to make the seemingly impossible, possible. We can liberate ourselves from pain, stress, anxiety, fear.

I’m a big believer in empowering people. To give you the knowledge, skills, and resources to be able to transform yourself from the inside out. Once you know how to change your mind, quite literally, using skills such as self-hypnosis your life will never be the same again.

Helping people to achieve their goals for wellbeing is what gets me out of bed each morning. It’s what drives me to develop my skills on an ongoing basis so I can deliver the best service possible, using the most effective, evidence-based techniques available.


I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and experience of hypnosis.

I am trainer with the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy where I enjoy training the next generation of hypnotherapists.

I also run a number of workshops at the Wellington High School Community Education Centre. My most popular workshop is Self-Hypnosis - Hypnotise Yourself which takes place twice a year. 

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Neural Coder

I’m a member of YourlifeLiveit a global team of life coaches. We're all experts in a personal change methodology called neurolinguistic programming (NLP), or as we refer to it Neural Coding™.

Neural coding enables us to help people create rapid, effective and long lasting change. I'm also a qualified instructor with YourlifeLiveit and deliver the Seize Your Life course.


I love sharing my knowledge of stress and anxiety with people. Over the last decade I've presented and spoken to a range of groups including the Rotary Club, RiskNZ, the Hutt Chamber of Commerce, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Widowed, Separated and Divorce Support Group, Wellington Leadership Group.

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I've been studying stress and anxiety for a decade. I wanted to capture what I've learned in the form of a book. So, I wrote 7 Ways To Reduce Anxiety in 7 Minutes Or Less. The book is a slim volume because I wanted people to be able to carry it with them in their bag or pocket so that they could refer to it whenever they were feeling anxious.

The first part of the book explains how our survival operating system creates the feeling we call 'anxiety'. The second half of the book contains seven simple, yet effective, techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere to reduce your anxiety level.

To learn more about the book click here


I have been taking improvisation classes and performing improvised theatre for almost a decade. I started improvisation because, early in my coaching career, I was told by an experienced coach that the improvisation skills would be invaluable to me as a coach and hypnotherapist. They were right.

I now share many of the skills I've learnt with my clients to help them feel less anxious, particularly in social situations such as public speaking, job interviews, first dates.  

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On a personal note ...

Originally from Warrington in the north west of England, I've lived in Wellington for 36 years. I'm married to Mary and we share our house with two cats, Mojo and Gracie. 

When I'm not wearing my hypnotist hat, I love writing fiction. I wrote my first (as yet unpublished) thriller novel whilst studying for an Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing at Whiterea. 

Mary and I enjoy playing ukulele. At weekends we love cycling around the bays here in Wellington with compulsory stops for coffee. 

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