Stoptober, is a 31 day quit smoking challenge designed to help thousands of kiwis kick the smoking habit for good. The challenge begins October 1st and is targeting New Zealand’s 463,000 smokers. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) says the aim of the campaign is to have 46,300 New Zealanders, or 10 per cent of the country’s smoking population, signed up, and 4630 of them still not smoking three months later.

Dr Mark Peterson, chairman of New Zealand Medical Association, says that smoking is still the biggest cause of premature death in New Zealand, taking 5,000 lives each year. “The latest census showed that 15 percent of New Zealanders still smoke and Stoptober is an excellent opportunity to quit for good with the increased support and knowing that you’re not on your own.”

Why stop on 1 October? Research suggests that if you stop smoking for 28 days you’re 5 times more likely to stop for good.  Imagine that, being free of the habit for good.

There are many ways to try and stop smoking but when combined, hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy have been proven to be one of the most effective ways of breaking the habit for good. Click here if you’d like to learn more about how hypnosis helps people stop smoking.

As a certified smoking cessation specialist I’m looking forward to helping as many smokers as I can to end October free of their smoking habit. Check out my Stop Smoking Now page for more information.