Have you ever had that feeling of “There’s got to be more to life than this?” If you said ‘Yes’ then by working with a life coach you can discover what that ‘more to life’ means for you. As your coach  I can help you create the life you want.

What are you looking for?

What would you like to be different?

What problem/s are you trying to solve?

What are you trying to achieve?

What is stopping you or getting in the way?

You might be thinking – ‘Do I really need a coach?’

If you value exploring your own life and your own mind, if you value understanding how you work and where you get stuck, if you want to clarify what’s important to you and gain fresh perspective, and if you want a champion in your life, then you would want to work with a life coach.

The reality is that you’re not going to transform your life and become successful, wealthy and happy just by reading a few self help books. Why? The books will tell you WHAT you should do but to transform your life  but not HOW you can acquire the mental and behavioural skills necessary to make the WHAT a reality in your life. Seeking help with the HOW is actually a sign of strength and not weakness.

The coaching process is about: 

a) assisting youto discover and understand who you are

b) supporting you to identify and clarify what you most want

c) challenging you to create and develop strategies to achieve your goals


Here are some of the benefits of working me as your coach:

To design – and live – the life you desire

Is it possible to have your ideal life? Certainly and I can help you learn about yourself and how you can use all of your skills and resources to create the future you desire.

To set better goals

A goal that reflects your true values is a joy to work toward and reach. However, the wrong goal – perhaps based on whims, advertising, other people’s agendas or instant gratification – takes needless effort and often comes at a high cost.  I can support you to discover what you really want in your personal and/or professional context, and aligning this with your values and sense of purpose.

To reach your goals faster

Who doesn’t want to reach their goals faster, with less stress? I provide consistent support and offer advice and approaches to help you quickly reach your goals.

To make significant changes

As a human being, you make changes every day, given the rapid rate of change in every aspect of life, business and technology. I’m trained to help you make fundamental and permanent changes in your personal and professional life.

To become more financially successful

Many people want to become financially independent. Coaches are not financial planners, but they know about adding value, which is the source of financial independence for most individuals. I can also help you adjust your spending and lifestyle in order to create a better financial future.

To improve your relationships and family

Strengthening your family and attracting and maintaining friendships are essential to providing meaning, support and love in your life. I can help you improve your communication and relating skills and attract the best people and opportunities to you.