Have you ever wanted to change things in your life but no matter how much willpower and determination you’ve got, you haven’t been able to do it, yet?

Over a hundred years ago American psychologist William James gave people this advice: “To change one’s life: start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.” In essence James was saying: ’Seize your life – and do it now!’

So what’s stopping you? I mean wouldn’t it be amazing to make changes that could transform the way you think, feel and behave every day?

Perhaps you’re thinking personal change is too hard. But, it’s actually easier than you think, once you know how to do it effectively. At YourlifeLiveit we’re passionate about helping people make the personal changes they desire so they can start living the life they want.

That’s why we designed the amazing ’Seize Your Life’ course. Over two days, in a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere, you will learn how to engage both your conscious and your unconscious minds in the change process. You will learn how to connect with the truly amazing resources you already have within you. You will leave with a toolbox full of proven, practical, easy to use, award winning tools and techniques that with practice will become invaluable life skills.

So just how serious are you about living the life you want? And are you ready to start immediately, do it flamboyantly and with no exceptions? Then perhaps now’s the time for Seize Your Life.

I’m excited to be presenting the Seize Your Life Course, for the first time, in Wellington.

When: Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th June

Where: Sprott House Function & Training Venue, 29 Messines Road, Karori, Wellington

Your investment: $445

Price includes:

  • A free 90min coaching session worth $175
  • A copy of the book ‘This is it! It’s your life. Live it.’
  • Access to free online resources

You can register for the course here: www.eventbrite.co.nz