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Free yourself from pain

Are you suffering from sever, persistent or recurring pain such as migraine, back pain, pelvic pain? 

Is the pain interfering horribly with your life?

Have you been unable to find relief, yet? 

The HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program is different to anything you've tried before. It uses hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for pain management is not a newly invented therapy but in fact has been employed with great success for more than two centuries. The approach is tried, true and proven.

I created the HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program to help people with chronic pain find lasting relief and enhance their quality of life.  

A proven way to reduce chronic pain

You've been experiencing chronic pain for weeks. months, maybe years.

You've tried a number of treatments and none of them have delivered the relief you want.

So how do you reduce the consistent pain you're experiencing?

How do you gain some lasting control over it?

The answer: With the help of hypnotherapy and neural coding.

There's a substantial, and ever growing, body of research that has demonstrated the beneficial effects of hypnotherapy for reducing pain and pain-related disability in individuals with chronic pain (Adachi et al., 2014;Jensen, 2009; Patterson &Jensen, 2003).

Hypnotherapy & Neural Coding the secret to overcoming chronic pain

Pain is created by the brain automatically (i.e., without conscious control or influence) in order to protect us from potential harm in response to multiple physiological, psychological, and social cues (cf. Moseley & Butler, 2015). It is believed that the automatic and non-conscious nature of pain's creation is one of the reasons that hypnotherapy is so effective given its ability to impact these automatic and non-conscious processes.

There are three key facts about chronic pain that have important implications for why the use of hypnotherapy is so effective, in providing relief and comfort for people:

(1) pain is the result of a complex interaction of activity in different parts of the brain and body; and

(2) pain is an experience created by the brain, not a "sensation" perceived by the brain

(3) hypnotherapy effectively targets the central nervous system mechanisms that are maintaining the pain.

The HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program – a solution tailored to you

The HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program incorporates hypnotic techniques and approaches that expert pain clinicians have found, in their extensive clinical experience, to be most effective in reducing chronic pain. The Program addresses the most common contributors to the perpetuation of pain:

·        negative beliefs about the pain,

·        fear of pain

·        a history of traumatic life events

·        a fear of movement

What the research into hypnotherapy for chronic pain tells us is that it’s critically important to tailor treatment to your specific needs and goals. The HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program is flexible and can be tailored to you so you receive a unique solution (treatment plan) for your chronic pain problem.

Pain is complex, and biological, psychological, and social factors all contribute to the severity of pain and its impact on a person’s life. Because pain impacts many quality-of-life domains, and these domains can then impact pain, the HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program can be flexed to target other outcomes in addition to (and sometimes instead of) pain intensity.

Putting you back in the driving seat

One of the keys to success in chronic pain treatment is to empower people to manage their pain. As part of the program, I aim to give you a set of skills (such as self-hypnosis) and techniques that you can own and use to manage your current pain and any future pain you might experience. This puts you in the driving seat, NOT the pain.

What you can expect from the HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program


Feel more in control of your life.

Be more in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Feel more at ease and comfortable.

More energy

Sleep better.


Start enjoying life again.

Enhanced mood.

Increased tolerance for activity.


Feel greater confidence in yourself.

Quality of Life

Enjoy a greater quality of life.


Feel empowered to manage your pain equipped with new skills, such as self-hypnosis, and coping techniques.


This powerful, unique program has evolved from my experience of working with people experiencing chronic pain over the last decade. The program incorporates a range of effective, proven, methodologies, tools and techniques including hypnosis. Research has found that when hypnosis is combined with other therapeutic and coaching techniques, better and more rapid results are achieved.

Live Sessions

You have the option of 3, 5 or 7 sessions. The first session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.


Between sessions you will have some assignments to complete. These involve practicing techniques, listening to mp3s.

Self Hypnosis 

The HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program utilises hypnosis as the vehicle for change. I will teach you how to practice self-hypnosis so you have the ability to change the way you think, feel and behave.

Hypnosis Recordings

The program includes a set of hypnosis recordings that are tailored to you. The recordings help both to create change and to consolidate the changes you make during the program.


There is a saying that knowledge is power. Once you understand chronic pain it will put you back in the driving seat. You will understand why the HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program is so effective.

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Curious about how I can help you to gain freedom from chronic pain? 

If you've tried other stress treatments without success, my HYPNOSIS4PAIN program may be the solution you've been looking for. To help you answer that question, I offer a thirty-minute consultation via Zoom. There's no hard sell – just a chance to explore how this bespoke program, tailored to you specifically, can help you become free of your chronic pain, once and for all. 

During the consultation I’m going to share with you, a rapid, way to reduce pain intensity.  

There is a small booking fee for the consultation, which is deducted from the total price of the 3 session program once you decide that this is indeed the solution for you. To schedule your discovery consultation today, simply click the button below.

Success stories

Tony is an outstanding NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and life coach. He is a man of integrity–talented and passionate about helping others overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I recommend you talk to him to discuss your needs. With his caring, professional approach he will help you get amazing results.

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"I went to see Tony and after just three sessions, I walked out of his office feeling like I was the healthiest person on the planet."



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Important: Prior to starting the HYPNOSIS4PAIN Program I recommend that you receive a thorough medical evaluation by an appropriately trained health care professional to rule out any underlying tissue damage, medical condition or disease that may be the source of the pain you're experiencing.