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Free yourself from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I help people suffering with IBS to reduce their symptoms, experience lasting long-term relief and improved quality of life.

Wherever you are located in the world, I can help. 

I offer online IBS Hypnotherapy sessions one-to-one or for groups of up to eight.


Research has found that gut directed hypnotherapy (GDH), used alongside standard medical treatment can contribute to improving the quality of life for IBS sufferers. Success rates of 60-80% for reduction in symptoms are common. 

The Solution - Hypnosis4ibs Program

The Hypnosis4ibs Program is a tailored IBS solution targeted at addressing what is maintaining your symptoms, with the result that you gain long-term relief from your symptoms and can once more enjoy the quality of life you’ve been missing.

Benefits the Program delivers:

Significant symptom relief
A digestive system reset to normal functioning
A lower level of stress
A lower level of anxiety 
Reduced pain and discomfort
An enhanced quality of life. Get back to enjoying a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.
A set of life skills to help you maintain your future wellbeing

How soon can you expect to experience improvements?

The program spans ten weeks and you can expect to start to notice improvements following the first session.

Symptom improvement time frames are different for every individual depending on many factors including duration of IBS, severity of symptoms, overall general health and other emotional and physical issues affecting the individual’s life.

How does gut directed hypnotherapy create such amazing, positive results?

Researchers don’t know exactly how GDH achieves the results it does. One theory is that it helps to change a person’s mindset and internal coping mechanisms, enabling the person to increase their control over their autonomic body processes, such as how they process pain and modulate gut activity. 

The brain and your gut are linked and are in continuous communication. The tailored, focused suggestions give during a GDH session help to restore any miscommunication.

The structure of the Hypnosis4ibs program

5 hypnosis sessions (totaling 5.5 hours)
a set of hypnosis recordings to reinforce the improvements
Simple self-hypnosis training
stress management techniques
anxiety management techniques
PDFs containing all the information you need
Full support via phone and secure client portal

Success stories

“I struggled with IBS for 2 ½ years with it having a disabling impact in my professional and personal life. I considered the HYPNO4IBS program when I first read about the evidence-base for gut-directed hypnotherapy. I was expecting symptom control at first, but as I saw results, I began to believe that a cure could be achieved. I am now cured. IBS is becoming a mere after-thought and one day soon, it will disappear completely from my thoughts. I remember once being fearful of living the rest of my life with IBS and so I can’t thank Tony enough for this life-changing program that was delivered in such a personalised way.” 



“I was diagnosed with IBS in 2005 and have tried everything from Low Fodmap diet, very expensive supplement programme, yoga, meditation, going gluten-free and even quitting my stressful job which I was told was the cause of my IBS, and the only thing that has worked has been the IBS Hypnotherapy NZ programme with Tony. I can't believe that my IBS is a thing of the past! The power of the mind and how that is represented in our body is mind-blowing! Thank you Tony, I will be forever grateful.” 

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"I have broken the cycle of chronic IBS and I’m feeling in control. Thank you Tony for empowering me and showing me what’s possible through this program. 



What you can expect from the HYPNOSIS4IBS Program


Feel more in control of your life.


Feel healthier.


Start enjoying life again.


Feel greater confidence in your ability to manage future flare-ups (if any).

Quality of Life

Enjoy a greater quality of life.


Build enhanced resilience.


This powerful, unique program has evolved from my experience of working with hundreds of people with a diverse range of issues over the last decade. The program uses gut directed hypnotherapy combined with a range of effective, proven, methodologies, tools and techniques from other modalities. Research has found that when hypnosis is combined with other therapeutic and coaching techniques, better and more rapid results are achieved.

Live Sessions

There are five live sessions. The first session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.


Between sessions you will have some assignments to complete. These involve practicing techniques, listening to mp3s.

Self Hypnosis 

The Hypnosis4ibs Program utilizes gut directed hypnosis as the main vehicle for change. 

In addition, you practice self-hypnosis, so you have the ability to create your own changes.

Hypnosis Recordings

The program includes a set of hypnosis recordings that are tailored to you. The recordings help both to create change and to consolidate the changes you make during the program.


There is a saying that knowledge is power. Once you understand the way that anxiety is created it will put you back in the driving seat. You will understand why the Hypnosis4ibs Program is so effective.

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Tony Yuile

Curious about how I can help you to gain freedom from your IBS? 

Before choosing a hypnotist to work with, you really want to make sure that you can be happy that they are the right person for you. Trust, good rapport and experience each have a role to play in achieving a successful outcome.

For this reason, I offer a 30 minute, no obligation consultation. This provides an opportunity for you to meet me and explore how we could work together to resolve your IBS symptoms. It's an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about me, the Hypnosis4ibs Program, or hypnotherapy in general. I get to know you a little, and confirm, from what you’ve shared with me, that I can help you get the results that you want and you get a feel as to whether the program is right for you.

There's no hard sell – just a chance to explore how this bespoke program, when tailored to you specifically, can help you either become free of your IBS once and for all or experience significant reduction in symptoms. 

There is a small booking fee for the consultation (NZ$49 payable at the time of booking), which is deducted from the total price of the 5 session program once you decide that this is indeed the solution for you. This consultation is conducted via ZOOM. 

To schedule your discovery consultation today, simply click the button below.

Important: If you are experiencing problems with your gut, I recommend you consult your GP or healthcare provider in the first instance to find out what your symptoms relate to. IBS symptoms are similar to those found in more serious digestive system diseases such as irritable bowel disease. Your doctor can perform a formal diagnosis.