I have been trained by Uncommon Knowledge in a natural Treatment Programme to stop the cycle of depression and provide you with skills and resources to keep you depression-free.


There is little evidence of depression being either a genetic condition or due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Anti-depressant medication has its place in treating depression in some cases – but drugs tend to treat the symptoms, not the causes; working with your GP to get you off medication, if you are currently on it, is a goal. Depression has been shown to be most successfully treated through this cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal approach.


You learn about depression – what it is and what it isn’t; what started it (for you), what drives it and what maintains it. You learn what you need to know in order to put you back in control; you learn skills – for example, how to calm your depressed (stressed) brain; how to recognised and stop unhelpful thoughts and ruminations; how to recognise your emotional needs and how to meet them.


No trawling through past hurts and rehashing old traumas. Research now shows this to be the least helpful intervention for depression. Your story is important but our focus is on the here and now, and on the future. Some goal setting is helpful – and we work together on what’s going to be most useful for you.


The programme follows a semi-structured approach which takes about eight weekly 60-minute sessions with one free follow-up a month or so after completion.

Evidence Based:

Extensive research – psychological, neurological, social – to name a few – have vastly increased our understanding of depression today and this knowledge is the foundation on which this treatment programme has evolved.

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