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7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety in 7 Minutes or Less

Tony Yuile

I specialise in helping people live lives free of anxiety and stress. Over the last decade I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of people to overcome anxiety and stress and start enjoying life again.

In the first chapter I explain how we create the anxiety we experience. I then share seven of my favourite rapid, anxiety busting techniques. Each of the seven techniques is easy to learn and apply, and they all produce rapid results.

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Richard Bolstad

Because of the very nature of anxiety, if you have it you want simple clear solutions: solutions you can use right now. 

You also want to know that the person giving them has experience helping people like you, and that their methods are realistic, researched and tested in practical day to day life. The book you are holding gives you all that and more.

Richard 1

NLP Master Coach, Trainer and Author

Perfectly Formed

Stephanie Philp

 7 Ways To Reduce Anxiety is small - yet perfectly formed! In this book Tony Yuile manages to condense just about all you need to know about the psychological, physiological, emotional and neurological causes of anxiety.

Steph 1

Head Consultant MetaMorphosis Ltd 

Fantastic Book

Ed Lester

  Anyone suffering with stress and anxiety will be struggling with two big questions. Firstly “What on earth is happening to me?” and secondly, “What can I do to feel better fast? In this gem of a book, Tony Yuile answers both these questions quite brilliantly. 

This is a refreshing resource for anyone looking to deal with stress and anxiety in their life. Tony teaches the things that actually work (and work quickly). Fantastic book for anyone seeking real effective help.

Ed 1

Founder of the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy and NZ Life Coaching


You can download a copy of the Ebook immediately from Amazon.

If you'd prefer to read a paperback copy, these are available from Amazon or the Book Depository - I recommend the Book Depository as postage is free to anywhere in the world.