Thank you so much Tony for straightening out my mind.

I came to my first session with Tony feeling and mixture of positivity and anger towards my last place of work. Tony turned things around in my attitude – taught me that we all have only one string to our bow and that is ATTITUDE.  He gave me practical tools to deal with negative self-talk, stress and anxiety.  I am  using these techniques everyday now, as they are incredibly easy to learn and simply to use anywhere - on the bus, while cooking dinner etc. Thank you so much Tony for straightening out my mind.

Annette W

Tony - a fantastic coach

Tony was a fantastic coach and mentor for me during an extremely challenging time. Sessions were extremely well planned, structured and delivered to a very high standard. Tools and techniques delivered and learnt in these sessions will help me considerably moving forward to meet my desired outcome. Clearly the old way was not working for me so with the new techniques and toolkit I have, I am expecting to meet my desired outcome in the near future.  Thank you, Tony, for your excellent delivery of invaluable life coaching sessions, tools and techniques and I would highly recommend you to anyone who requires these services.

Janice R

Overcame Fear of Heights - This hypnotherapy stuff really works!

My son came home from school a couple of weeks ago and declared “this hypnotherapy stuff really works!” He had been rock climbing with his class and had managed to climb right to the top of the wall.  He said the only thing holding him back was the strength (or lack of) in his arms. The hypnotherapy was a great success.

Carol K

 I am amazed that such a phobia can be overcome by hypnotherapy.

I have always had a fear of spiders. When I encountered one I would panic and feel repulsed.  After a couple of sessions with Tony,  I no longer experience these emotions. I am amazed that such a phobia can be overcome by hypnotherapy. I am now able to control my fear of spiders and remove them from the house. For me this is a great result.

Mary M

Tony is an outstanding hypnotherapist and life coach.

Tony is an outstanding NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and life coach. He is a man of integrity–talented and passionate about helping others overcome challenges and achieve their goals.  I  definitely recommend you talk to him to discuss your needs. With his caring, professional approach he will help you get amazing results.

Ed Lester HPD DipCAH Founder NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy

After just three sessions ....

I went to see Tony Yuile and after just three sessions, I walked out of his office feeling like I was the healthiest person on the planet.

Carol K

Helping me through my anxiety with flying.

Thanks to Tony I completely got over my fear of flying. He is amazing.

Hayley S