“Transformation is not about incremental change. Genuine transformation means a profound and permanent shift in how we relate to ourselves, other people and the world at large. Transformation is a process. The caterpillar undergoes a transformation and a butterfly emerges. In the same way, our most inspiring, beautiful lives may be very different from where we are now. Just as the caterpillar probably isn’t consciously aware of the butterfly it will become, we may not even be consciously aware of what our most inspiring lives look like ...... yet."

 ~  Jamie Smart

Here are just some of the services I offer

Goal Setting and Achievement

Life is not a dress rehearsal; let’s get you the life you want! We are often blind to the unconscious factors that contribute to us going down an unsatisfying path in life or that are stopping us from achieving our dreams. If you have a goal you want to achieve or a vision of a life you wish you could be living, I can help identify the limits currently holding you back and the resources within you that need to be drawn upon to help you make it a reality.

Performing Under Pressure

Whether you are looking to enhance your productivity, add an edge to your sports performance, diminish stage fright, gain confidence in public speaking or improve how you present yourself in any area of your life, I can help you to consistently perform at, or close to, your best when under pressure.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Anxiety and stress are modern day epidemics. I can help you understand how you experience anxiety and stress. Anxiety & Stress Relief develop the skills you need to successfully manage your anxiety and stress levels, build resilience and boost your energy for life.

Unwanted Habits

All of us at some time feel stuck when we get locked into behaviours, beliefs and habits which we know reduce the quality of our life, yet often we struggle to make the change that makes the difference. This is because about 90% of our behaviour is controlled outside of our awareness, through unconscious processing. You see once we’ve learned how to do something we become unconsciously competent at it, which means we don’t have to think about how to act, we just do. Most of the time that works in our favour but when it doesn’t it can cause us problems.

The quickest way to change unwanted and unhelpful habitual behaviours, is to change them at the level of unconscious processing. Positive psychology and hypnotherapy are great tools for achieving this.

Allergy Relief

I can help you to use the power of your mind to retrain your immune system to behave in an appropriate way when exposed to a harmless allergen. If you’re Beat Hayfever for Good this could be the drug free solution you’ve been searching for.

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