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Empowering Change From The Inside Out

Begin transforming yourself and your life now.

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I can help you overcome problematic anxiety.

If you struggle with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, stage fright, or another anxiety issue, my solution focused approach to anxiety management may be the answer you've been searching for.

I can help you overcome unhealthy, harmful stress.

Do you want to regain the energy, health and happiness you used to enjoy before stress took control of your life? Experience an instant reduction in your stress level and develop the skills you need to live a life free of harmful stress.

Free yourself from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or phobia safely, comfortably and quickly. Unresolved trauma is often behind other conditions such as anxiety disorders, addiction and depression.

I use a comfortable, safe, non-voyeuristic, effective treatment that can relatively quickly, and safely, remove and reduce the impact of traumatic memories or phobic reactions. The technique is called the Rewind Technique.

Free yourself from the effects of unwanted and unhealthy habits and behaviour patterns.

It’s time to overcome that habit and become the happier, healthier person you want to be.


Are you thriving? What does it really take to thrive?

I equip people with the self-awareness and in-depth knowledge of fundamental psychological principles and skills that they need to flourish in life. When people are thriving, they are living their life to the full. They find it easier to be resilient, to stay happy and healthy, to be successful and to achieve their goals.


I can help you achieve your weight management goals.

Have you tried just about every way there is to lose weight, but the success, if any, never lasts? Are you ready to try something different? If the answer to "YES!" then my Think Slim - Be Slim weight management coaching package or my Virtual Gastric Band package could provide the answer you've been looking for.

We all have an optimum performance zone in which we feel challenged and are capable of performing at our best. Once we move outside of the optimum performance zone our ability to perform deteriorates rapidly.

I can help you find and remain within your optimum performance zone so you achieve peak performance in many situations.... from public speaking and interview success to driving tests and sports performance and much more.

Tranceforming You Coaching, a comprehensive and transformational approach to change work...

Traditional life coaching programs focus all the work on the very limited conscious mind. I work with both the conscious and the adaptive unconscious. It’s at the unconscious level, where the habituated patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviours operate from. You could say I coach the unconscious mind.

My ‘mind coaching’ approach is an integration of advanced techniques in rapid change work that utilizes the most current research in neuroscience with evidence based mind/body change work. You could say I use practical neuroscience.

I believe it’s important to equip people with simple, easy to use techniques so they can help themselves. Knowing how to change your mind to overcome problems and achieve success is incredibly empowering. My goal is to equip you with all the tools necessary for lasting change with the minimum amount of sessions with me.

Empowering Change From The Inside Out

Begin transforming yourself and your life now.

Use the Book Now button below to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation coaching ‘taster’ session.

Annette - Thank you so much Tony for straightening out my mind...

I came to my first session with Tony feeling and mixture of positivity and anger towards my last place of work. Tony turned things around in my attitude – taught me that we all have only one string to our bow and that is ATTITUDE. He gave me practical tools to deal with negative self-talk, stress and anxiety. I am using these techniques everyday now, as they are incredibly easy to learn and simply to use anywhere - on the bus, while cooking dinner etc. Thank you so much Tony for straightening out my mind.

Janice - Tony is a fantastic coach...

Tony was a fantastic coach and mentor for me during an extremely challenging time. Sessions were extremely well planned, structured and delivered to a very high standard.  Thank you, Tony, for your excellent delivery of invaluable life coaching sessions, tools and techniques and I would highly recommend you to anyone who requires these services.

Carol - After just 3 sessions...

I went to see Tony and after just three sessions, I walked out of his office feeling like I was the healthiest person on the planet.

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