1 DAY Workshop – September 16th 2017

I’m running a one day workshop on how to master stress on September 16th.

The venue is the Marcelle Room, Home of Compassion in Island Bay.

At the workshop you’ll learn all about stress (the STRESS Process)  and I’ll debunk some common myths.

You’ll build your own toolbox of evidence based stress management tools and techniques that will help you keep your stress level under control and avoid chronic (bad) stress.

It’s going to be an interactive, educational, fun day.

Numbers are limited. Participants will have the opportunity to book a 3 session coaching package with me at 50% of the normal price.

To learn more about the workshop click here.

The early bird price is just $149 (incl, GST). Morning and afternoon teas included.

If you’d like to register for the course contact me by phone  – 021 056 8389 or email:



Training at its best, delivered in a relaxed and fun way......

I deliver the following personal development training courses at regular intervals throughout the year. The course have all been developed by the excellent team at YourlifeLiveit.


SEIZE YOUR LIFE - Do you want to take control of your life? Do you have dreams that just feel like they are too far away to reach? Then this 2-day course is for you, why wait, just start now to really take control. Click here

COMMUNICATE FOR LIFE - Do you want your relationships to function better? In 2 days you’ll learn how to talk so others listen and listen so others talk. Click here

YOUR PRESENTATION NAIL IT - Do you want to learn how to speak in front of an audience with ease, feel in totally comfortable? After this 1 day course you will be able to speak to any number of people feeling totally relaxed. Click here

My aim with these courses is to give you the tools to live your life to the full and to use these skills with immediate effect, in all areas of your life.

All the courses are delivered in a comfortable, relaxed and fun environment. Research shows that when you are relaxed and having fun then you retain twice the amount of information.


Stress Mastery Workshops

I provide training/workshops for groups of up to 20 people on topics including performing under pressure, reducing anxiety and managing stress.

I am able to adapt our content to your audience, ensuring each delivery is unique and fully beneficial to your group. Once you communicate your needs, I am committed to delivering the best training possible. Get in touch today for your FREE proposal, outlining specific areas where I can support you and/or your organisation.


Upcoming Presentations

One day Stress Mastery Workshop - September 16th 2017 (details above)

Recent Presentations

June 2017: NLP Wellington Meetup Group - I'll be talking about my book 7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety in 7 Minutes or Less.

May 2017: I had the pleasure of presenting to the Wellington Leadership Meetup Group. The title of my presentation was How leaders/managers can identify and help staff who are experiencing stress.

March 2017: I presented to the Widowed, Divorced, Separated Support Group on the topic of how hypnotherapy and NLP can help overcome emotional distress.

October 2016: I was one of 14 expert coaches from around the world selected to present at the NLP Mindfest.

Those three letters—NLP—stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a powerful and elegantly simple way to get your mind to do what you want! It has been called the Science of Achievement.

During my presentation I shared some of my favourite techniques for helping people overcome anxiety.

Following the session I received feedback from people in countries around the world. Here are some of those comments:

  • "I loved the techniques you taught us  especially the 3 point release."
  • "Loved your discourse, I found your work encouraging and so spot on."
  • "Thanks for putting me back on the right track."
  • "Thank you so much for what you have given us,  and me."
  • "I listened to your Anxiety busting presentation and really enjoyed it, and took notes to share with others!"

If you are suffering with anxiety and would like like to experience what the Mindfest attendees experienced  contact me to arrange a one on one session or discuss training for your team/organisation.


"It was a great session thank you Tony. Very worthwhile. You are a mine full of information and a great presenter." ~ES

"Great talk tonight." ~ LA

"Great presentation.  I've already heard good feedback on it." ~ CH

"Thank you for your informative talk last night you are a real expert at the topic." ~ RL

"Thanks for these "pearls" of easily communicable strategies for managing stress!" ~DT