creating your life on purpose rather than living it by accident.’

1 DAY Workshop:

– Saturday March 26th 2022 


–  Saturday September 10th 2022

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Workshop objectives:

Develop a Life Purpose StatementPerform an Emotional Needs Self-AssessmentElicit Your Core Values Align your goals with your life purpose, emotional needs and
core values

and Meaning

We all have the
same essential emotional needs. One of those needs is to have a sense of Purpose
and Meaning in our lives. It’s our BIG WHY. This innate need is often met
through our work, our family or community or anything which focuses attention
away from ourselves towards something that we sense is ‘bigger than us’. It’s
your reason for being. It’s fundamentally about loving what you do and doing
something that brings real meaning to your life.

While setting an intention for
making any kind of positive change is a good thing, in order for it to be
lasting and effective, determining your “why” is vital.

Without a sense
of purpose our lives can seem pointless. If we lack this important emotional
nutrition, we begin to feel stressed and anxious.

Emotional Needs

Whatever our
cultural background, we are all born with essential physical and Emotional
Needs and, if we are born healthy, the innate resources (tools, or
‘guidance systems’) to help us fulfil them. All behaviours can be seen as an
unconscious instinctive drive to meet one or more of our emotional and physical

When our
Emotional Needs are met in balance we are mentally well. When they are not met
in balance we feel stressed, anxious, depressed. Our instincts drive us to get
these needs met.


Values are a set of standards
we have for life. They are the things we believe are most important to us and
to the way we live, work and play.  Values
are the measures we use to figure out whether or not our life is turning out
the way we had imagined. Therefore values act like a compass that helps us stay
on track and focused on the most important things in our life. You have a
hierarchy of values, ones that are more important to you than others.

Price is just $95 (incl, GST). Tea and coffee provided but bring your lunch, pen and paper.

Venue: Community Education Centre, Wellington High School

Workshop Registration: Coming in the new year

Thank You!

I very much look forward to meeting you and helping you explore your purpose, needs and values.