Wherever you are located in the world you can work with Tony over ZOOM

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Sessions are held by Zoom *

I work with people from across New Zealand and the world via ZOOM. 

*Are you located in the Wellington region?

People in the Wellington region have the option of meeting with me at my office in the Wellington Central Business District.

The benefits of meeting over ZOOM

Hypnotherapy delivered online by Zoom is just as effective as a traditional face to face hypnotherapy, but with the added convenience of not having to travel to receive the session.

Some people find that holding the session in the familiar and relaxed surroundings of their own home enhances their experience.

If you are at work then you can pop into a meeting room for your ZOOM session, saving travel time, and enabling you to fit the session into your busy day.

ZOOM is easy to use and secure

Zoom offers a safe and private videoconferencing method of conducting sessions. 

Data transmitted during sessions is encrypted and secure.

Using Zoom for hypnotherapy sessions couldn't be easier. Once we've agreed a time for your session, you'll just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet comfortable place to relax. I'll send you a unique link for each session which is safe and secure and only you will have access to it. Just click your link and follow the instructions to join your session. 

For your ZOOM session you will need:

·        a device you don't have to hold during the session - a desktop/laptop/tablet computer 

·         a reliable internet connection

·        a private, quiet room in which you won’t be disturbed