This week I’ve been re-reading Instant Calm by Paul Wilson.

The book contains over 100 techniques for relaxing the mind and body. It was published in 1995 but the techniques are as relevant today as they were back then, in what Wilson refers to as the ‘Age of Anxiety’. It seems we’ve been living in the age of anxiety for a quarter of a century, as the number of people with anxiety continues to rise year on year. And the current pandemic and its impact has caused many people’s stress and anxiety levels to soar.

The subject of one section of the book discusses acupressure. Acupressure is a method of stimulating points without needles by using your hands or other methods. This stimulation helps balance your mind and body to maintain health and wellness.

I’ve selected 3 TECHNIQUES from a section called ‘calm hands’ to share with you today, to help you relieve tension, stress and anxiety. To download the Calm Hands techniques click here – (no sign up required) .

If you’re more of an auditory person this link will take you to a page on the Crisis & Trauma Research Institute(CTRI) site where you’ll find 4, free, downloadable, AUDIO EXERCISES to help you manage your stress and anxiety.

It looks like we have at least a few more weeks before the ‘stay at home’ guidance is lifted, and I think you’ll find one or more of the techniques I’ve shared today or over the past fortnight will help you get you through this period with less anxiety and build your resilience.

Stay well, safe and calm.

PS. If you’d like help with your stress or anxiety, click here – to schedule a no obligation 30-minute online consultation.

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