Whenever we project ourselves into our future and imagine something bad happening to us, or to those we care about, what we’re actually doing is creating a mental movie. What that means is that we are seeing a movie with a soundtrack. There may also be some smells and tastes involved in that experience too.

Running a movie like this makes you feel a certain level of fear. That fear makes you feel anxious. People who feel anxious on a regular basis are particularly good at running scary movies in their minds.

Anxious? Stop watching scary movies in your mind.

Anxious – you have control

Many people with anxiety feel like the anxiety arrives out of the blue. But just knowing that your body is creating the anxiety you’re feeling in response to fearful mental movies you’re running in your mind, is powerful in and of itself. Because you have control over the movies and therefore you have control over your anxiety.

Change the movies playing in your mind

If the future memories you’re creating aren’t the kind that evoke positive feelings, then what you need to do is to change them to the ones you do want. The more you do this the more you get into the habit of automatically playing more feel-good movies.

If you don’t know how to do that – how to change the movies playing in your mind – that’s where I or one of my fellow coaches at YourlifeLiveit (https://yourlifeliveit.com/) can help because it’s what we do every day. We are neural coders. We help people with anxiety, to change their neurology really fast and to create lasting change and relief from anxiety.

Need some help with those movies?

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