This week’s post is prompted by the fact that May 31 was World Smokefree Day (WSFD), internationally known as World No Tobacco Day.

 So, do you smoke?

605,000 New Zealand adults, i.e 17% of the adult population, smoke (SmokeFree NZ).

Are you one of the 17% of adult smokers?
Have you tried to break the smoking habit but without success?
Read on to learn how hypnotherapy may be the solution you’ve been looking for.
 It’s the fear of stopping that keeps the smoking habit going

Normally it’s the fear of stopping that keeps the smoking habit going. The person who smokes is too afraid to be without their cigarette to even contemplate life without it. The thing that stops many people quitting is the fear of something called 'the urge to smoke.'

When you develop a smoking habit, you develop unconscious associations between smoking and certain events or situations, such as every morning after breakfast. This is called a conditioned response it’s a conditioned urge to smoke. The terror of feeling an urge and not fulfilling it is over whelming to many smokers, and yet it never occurs to them that they have dozens of urges every day they don't act on.

Sometimes people choose the wrong time to try and stop. For example, if you’re having to deal with a stressful life event, (e.g. moving house or changing jobs) or are going through an untypical period (e.g. Christmas or a holiday), then it may be better to wait until life returns to normal once again.

If you’re stressed or anxious then it’s best to give priority to treating this before addressing the smoking habit.

Do you need support to break the smoking habit?

If you need support to help you break the smoking habit there are a number of agencies who can provide support, agencies such as Quitline.

One of the most effective techniques to help break the smoking habit is rarely referred to on government and NGO  'Quit Smoking' sites.
That technique is hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy to help you Break the Smoking Habit

In my coaching practice I use hypnosis as a tool to help people break the smoking habit for good.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for making changes at the unconscious level. It is by far the easiest and most effective method to break the smoking habit. It works to end the smoking habit by helping you to combat cravings to smoke, motivating you to stay committed to being free of cigarettes, and promoting relaxation and stress relief so you will not be tempted to smoke.

I’m not saying that hypnosis is the magic bullet – It's important to note that hypnosis isn't the only way to treat smoking, but one in every three people who use hypnosis to stop smoking are still smoke free twelve months later. The most challenging part of breaking the smoking habit is overcoming the mental and emotional aspects of smoking. It’s believed that this provides ninety per cent of the glue that keeps the cigarette habit going.

The other 10% of the glue is caused by the brain’s physical addiction to the nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine, is highly addictive (which is probably why the cigarette companies include it as an ingredient) and it only takes a small amount of the drug to cause the addiction. The good news is that a physical addiction to nicotine lasts only as long as the chemical is in the smoker's bloodstream - about 100 hours after the last cigarette.

Smoking is a learned behaviour

Smoking is something you’ve taught yourself to do, and like everything else, you can choose to stop doing it. You can program yourself with a different behaviour. That’s the power of hypnotherapy.

If you want to break your smoking habit I recommend you experience the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

What Next?

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