Are you in the grip of stress or anxiety?

Are you desperate to find freedom from your stress and/or anxiety?

What have you tried so far?

How’s that working out for you?

Not as well as you’d like?

Did you know there’s a powerful, rapid and highly effective way to free yourself from stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are signals that our brain believes we’re under threat

We have an inbuilt survival system that operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

As part of this survival system, our brain is constantly comparing incoming information against known threats stored in our memory bank. When a match is made, we suddenly feel stressed or anxious.

Our threat memory bank has been formed over the course of our life as we’ve learned what to be afraid of, what’s unsafe.

Breaking the chains (How I help people)

I teach people how to change their brain to respond in new and more effective ways to environmental stimuli that trigger unwanted responses and behaviours.

Some examples of stress and anxiety stimulus-response behaviour:

  • An unusual sound in your house, late at night, causes a panic attack.
  • You see a spider and automatically run from the room.
  • You think about the presentation you must give next week and automatically feel anxious.

The Science behind what I do

The brain is ‘plastic’

The brain is neuroplastic. This means it has the capacity to ‘rewire’ or remould its neural networks in response to new experiences.

‘Experience-dependent’ plasticity

Scientists used to believe our brains couldn’t be changed. Now we know they can, and do, through a process called ‘experience-dependent plasticity’. This is the rewiring our brain does whenever we learn something new, or whenever something changes in our environment.

Self-directed neuroplasticity 

“The brain is constantly changing its structure for better or worse, why not take charge of that structure-building process ourselves? “

~ Dr Sarah McKay – Oxford University educated neuroscientist, TV presenter, and author

We have much more control over our brain function than many of us realise. By that I mean, we can exploit the process of experience-dependent plasticity to consciously create the changes we want to make.

We already do this every day, for example, when we decide to learn a new language. The experience of learning the words and sounds creates new neural networks that record what we’re learning. If the new learning is important enough, our brain will store it in our long-term memory.

So, by choosing to engage in self-directed neuroplasticity it’s possible for us to rewire our brains, and stop reacting automatically to situations, people, or things that aren’t actually threats to us. When we do that, we experience much less stress and anxiety in our lives.

The best way to rewire your brain is ….

There’s a powerful, highly effective, and rapid way to rewire your brain using self-directed neuroplasticity. I call it HypnoCoaching.


HypnoCoaching is a combination of solution focused coaching and hypnosis. It’s been described as ‘life coaching on steroids,’ and lots of successful athletes, performers and entrepreneurs have benefited from it.

With HypnoCoaching, you start noticing and feeling a difference from the first coaching session.

As people are beginning to see the remarkable, positive changes that HypnoCoaching delivers, more and more of them are starting to embrace it.

If you want to break the chains of stress and anxiety for good, perhaps it’s time you became one of them?

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~ Tony

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