“Some people are OK with not knowing what the future holds. Other people can’t cope with even the slightest degree of uncertainty.” ~Tony Yuile

2021 a year of uncertainty

Because of the Covid pandemic 2021 is being called the ‘Year of Uncertainty.’

The human brain is hardwired to dislike uncertainty, to equate it with danger. Research has found that people would literally rather know something bad is going to happen than face uncertainty.

Our built-in risk management system

To help us face uncertainty evolution has given us a built-in risk management system, which identifies, assesses, and signals the possibility of danger (i.e. risk). The signal arrives in the form of uncomfortable physical sensations and emotions that we label ‘anxiety’.


Anxiety motivates us to mitigate the identified risk(s) and to plan and prepare to deal with the impact of the possible adverse event should it occur.

A faulty alarm

Sometimes our risk management system can become too sensitive and can start to identify events as risks, which are in fact safe, or which would have little or no impact on our wellbeing should they materialise. When this happens it’s like our risk management system has turned into a faulty smoke alarm that keeps going off despite the absence of smoke. Our risk management system is said to have become ‘disordered.’

Great distress

The anxiety we experience because of a disordered management system is unnecessary, unhelpful anxiety. When this unnecessary anxiety is experienced too frequently or intensely it can interfere with our ability to function and enjoy a normal life and can even cause us great distress.

An anxiety ‘disorder’

While every one of us experiences anxiety on a regular basis, it is estimated that over a quarter of the population will at some point in their lives experience anxiety at levels that cause them distress. When we do, we may be diagnosed with an anxiety ‘disorder’.

Our risk management system can be reset

The good news is that our risk management system can be reset, and the distress brought to an end. There are many practical and accessible strategies which can be applied to achieve this ‘reset’ and help address the physical, emotional, cognitive, aspects of anxiety.

Rapidly reset your risk management system and experience much less anxiety

As an Anxiety Solutions Coach, I have a toolbox full of evidence-based techniques and practices that can help you rapidly reset your risk management system and experience much less anxiety.

Anxiety Solutions Coaching works ….

I recently helped someone to overcome an intense fear of flying. Yesterday I received an email from the person saying that have taken a number of anxiety free flights since completing the Anxiety Solutions Coaching program and now even enjoy sitting by the window and looking down at the earth passing by below.

I also heard, earlier this week, from a client who’d had a fear of speaking up in meetings at work. The person said not only had their anxiety disappeared since completing the Anxiety Solutions Coaching program with me, but they had received a promotion.

Is it time to free yourself from anxiety?

If you are suffering with anxiety or stress and want rapid relief, let’s have a conversation to explore how I can help you. To schedule your no obligation 15-to-30-minute conversation with me via ZOOM just click HERE. Alternatively, you can call/text me on 021 056 8389.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Radhanath Swami: “One thing is certain, uncertainty in our life.”

~ Tony

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