Here’s what to do …..

To get the most out of this exercise, I’d like you to find a bed or couch and lie down. Make sure your neck is supported and your hands are by your sides, and ankles uncrossed.

Now get nice and comfortable, and once you’re comfortable, begin to breathe slowly and deeply. And if you haven’t already gently close your eyes. Focus on making the outbreath slightly longer than the in breath. So if you were counting, you might count to 3 on the in breath and to 5 on the outbreath. [2min]

Now imagine or pretend you’re a Marionette puppet with strings attached to your head body, arms and legs.  As you lie there imagine the strings connect to your head, arms and legs. And, as you continue to lie there comfortably, breathing easily, imagine, pretend or sense all those strings just beginning to lengthen and loosen, as you begin to relax even more now.

And as you breathe out, notice those strings getting even longer and looser with every outbreath. Getting a sense now that with every outbreath your whole body is becoming more loose, more relaxed and calm. Then just continue to rest there as those strings get looser and looser still, and you relax even deeper.

Just resting and enjoying the feeling of growing relaxation and release, as any remaining tension continues to flow from those strings and from your body.

And now you can choose to either simply drift off into a deep relaxing sleep, or when you’re ready, to open your eyes and continue with the rest of your day.

TIP: Some people find it helps to have relaxing music playing in the background others prefer silence.

The secret to success with this technique …..

You’ll find the more you apply this technique the better and faster it’ll work for you.  The key with all anxiety and stress reduction methods is to make sure you practice them daily even if only for a short period of time. A couple of minutes once or twice a day is better than one ten minute practice, once a week or doing no practice at all.

I recommend you start using this technique today so you can begin to experience the benefits.

Continue to stay strong, and safe in your Easter Bubble. ~ Tony

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