Cases of depression and anxiety have risen “substantively” in the wake of the COVID19 lockdowns and more people are seeking help. Alongside traditional therapies for anxiety and depression, coaching can be beneficial in expediting recovery and building resilience against future episodes.

Lift Depression Fast HypnoCoaching program

My Lift Depression Fast HypnoCoaching program is designed to help people experiencing mild to moderate depression. The program is based on the successful Clinical Depression program developed by Uncommon Knowledge Ltd, a UK-based company dedicated to spreading reliable, helpful and easy-to-absorb information on the most common psychological difficulties faced today and mental health in general. The company comprises a team of therapists, psychologists who provide professional psychotherapy and self-improvement coaching.

What’s HypnoCoaching?

HypnoCoaching is an exciting breakthrough in personal development. It combines the benefits of life coaching with the benefits of hypnosis. This combination creates an effective, powerful and rapid way to overcome problems, create personal change, and achieve goals.

My HypnoCoaching approach incorporates elements of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and positive psychology which are also helpful in overcoming depression.

HypnoCoaching can help you uncover and understand the root cause(s) of the depression you’re experiencing and expedite the changes that need to be made to enable you to lift your depression. This could involve anything from dealing with fears and phobias and negative beliefs to resolving issues from the past or worries about the future.

The goal of the Lift Depression Fast HypnoCoaching program is to provide you with an understanding of what depression is and to enable you to manage yourself and your life more resourcefully and move forward free of depression.

This is coaching not therapy

I’m not medically trained, and I don’t provide medical advice or diagnoses. Prior to starting the Lift Depression HypnoCoaching program, I recommend you consult your GP or healthcare provider to find out if your stress, anxiety or depression could be related to your physical health. Your doctor can check for signs of an underlying medical condition that may need treatment.

As a coach my role is to create the context where you can have the insights and realizations and do the internal reprogramming that will make a difference to you on a go-forward basis. I create the optimal conditions for that reprogramming to occur. This involves asking questions, listening to your answers, providing suggestions and imaginative exercises. Many areas of life contribute to depression and I’ll help you learn new skills to navigate your problem areas more effectively.

HypnoCoaching is very much about helping you develop the skills and obtain the resources you need to take charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so you are firmly back in the driving seat of your life.

An overview of the Lift Depression Fast HypnoCoaching program

A key part of the program is devoted to educating you about depression, how it works and what you can do to defeat it now and in the future. You’ll learn how depression messes with your sleep, energy and emotions. With a good understanding of depression and how it works, and how best to treat it you will find yourself empowered to lift your depression for good. A lot of what you learn may challenge your existing ideas about depression because there’s a huge amount of inaccurate information about depression in circulation.

Depression is always accompanied by anxiety and this drives depressive symptoms and creates a highly stressed brain. Without relieving this stress, little progress can be made. Over the years. I’ve coached hundreds of people on how to lives free of unnecessary stress and anxiety and I’ll share with you the tools and techniques so you can do the same.

Online coaching

Online coaching is becoming an increasingly popular option. This involves sessions being conduction via Zoom. This enables an opportunity for people anywhere in the country to access the Lift Depression Fast program and to engage at their own pace.

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