Today I want to share with you a simple two minute process called the Quick Coherence Technique. It’s really useful for restoring balance, ease and calm when you’re feeling overloaded, stressed or anxious.

The technique also helps to quiet an overactive mind and help prepare you for sleep. It’s a technique that can be safely used by both adults and children.

The Quick Coherence Technique ® was developed by the USA based HeartMath Institute. HeartMath has been studying the heart’s influence on our wellbeing and emotions for over a quarter of a century now.

Their comprehensive research has demonstrated that Quick Coherence has a beneficial effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

The technique brings our heart rhythms, thoughts and emotions into a cooperative, balanced alignment through a combination of controlled breathing, imagination and positive emotion. That’s a powerful combination.

How to perform the Quick Coherence Technique

The first step in the technique involves focusing your attention and awareness in the area of your heart. When teaching this technique to my clients I suggest they place one of their hands on their chest, as it makes it easier for them to imagine they’re breathing through their heart.

Next you imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, as if you were actually breathing in and out through your heart in a smooth, easy rhythm. Focus on breathing a little slower and deeper than you normally do, perhaps for a count of 5 in and 5 out. You can choose whatever rhythm is most comfortable for you.

Then as you continue to breathe, bring to mind a positive, regenerative feeling—perhaps recalling a time you felt love, appreciation or gratitude for a person, a pet, a moment in nature or an accomplishment. Imagine you are sending this feeling out through your heart in to the world as you breathe out, and that you are receiving a positive feeling in return as you breathe in.

Continue for to breathe in this way for a minute or two or for however long time permits.

And that’s the Quick Coherence Technique. It’s a simple yet powerful technique with rapid results.

I recently worked with a client who was highly stressed. Prior to having him practice the technique every day for a week, I connected him to a bio feedback monitor. His initial readings showed very little heart coherence. A week later when retested he was amazed to see on the monitor how coherent his heart rhythms had become.

I recommend to my stressed and anxious clients that they practice the Quick Coherence Technique several times a day. It lends itself to doing this as it can be performed anytime anywhere. You can do it in the moment when you notice your stress level is spiking. The beneficial effects carry-over so as you move onto your next activity you feel more centred and connected.

Stay well, safe and calm ~ Tony

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