How do you start your day?

When you wake up do you immediately start thinking about all the things you’ve got to do, all the problems you’re struggling to overcome, all the deadlines you’re facing? How does all that thinking make  you feel? You probably want to climb back into bed and pull the sheets over your head.

There is a better way to not only to start your day but to prime yourself with a positive mind-set.

Here’s how ……….


This is something you can do in the privacy of your bathroom before or after your shower.

Recall something that happened yesterday that brought you pleasure, or joy, or happiness. It might only have been for a fleeting moment but as you recall that moment allow yourself to experience those wonderful feelings again.

And as you do that strike a pose that symbolizes that feeling. For example you might hold your arms outstretched above your head, or do a fist pump, or simply smile.

Hold the pose for 10 seconds as you continue to think about that joyous moment.

Then ask yourself this empowering question: "How many  moments of joy am I going to experience today?"


“Remember, it’s not the events of your life that determine how you feel and act but, rather, the meaning you create from your life’s experiences. Learning to ask empowering questions – especially in moments of crisis – is a critical skill that will ultimately shape the meanings you create, and therefore the quality of your life.”
~Tony Robbins – Master Coach

Your mind loves it when you ask questions and a massive proportion of our thoughts arise in the form of questions. That’s what our mind is up to most of the time we are doing other things, just asking itself questions.

The kind of questions you ask yourself is important because questions direct our focus, and we always get more of what we focus on in life.

Different questions trigger different types of responses. For example, many people experience anxiety and stress because they are continually asking themselves negatively orientated dis-empowering questions, and to make things worse, they usually ask the same ones over and over again.

Some examples of dis-empowering questions:

  • Why can't I do this?
  • Why does my job suck?
  • Why don’t the kids do as I tell them?
  • Why am I overweight and unfit?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why don't I like myself?
  • Why can't I ever lose weight?

Let’s take a closer look at the first of these dis-empowering questions – Why can't I do this?

This question assumes that:
a) there is something to be done and
b) you can't do it.

In order to even understand the question, your mind automatically begins to search out all the reasons why 'you can't do' whatever it is that you perceive needs to be done. No matter what answer you give, you are accepting the basic premise of the question i.e. you are incapable of taking action.

Now imagine asking yourself a different question: How can I most easily make this work?

This is an Empowering Question. It presupposes that:
a) this can work,
b) there are a number of ways this can work and
c) it can be done easily.

The assumptions or presuppositions contained within the question act as a directional compass and your mind then searches for how to make things work.

Empowering Questions have the ability to change your focus in an instant, transforming your state of mind from limiting to empowering. These questions force your brain to sort for different information and as a result put you in a different and more resourceful state. They focus on possibilities and solutions that help you move forward.

To set yourself up for a great day ask yourself one or more of these empower questions every morning.

1. Who or what in my life makes me feel happiest?
2. Who or what in my life makes me feel the most loved?
3. Who or what in my life makes me feel the richest?
4. Who or what in my life makes me feel the most passionate?
5. Who or what in my life makes me feel the most empowered?

As you answer each question build up a vivid representation of whatever it is you are thinking about, and then amplify it.

For example if you are thinking about what makes you the happiest make the colours brighter, the sounds louder and the feelings stronger. The more specific your answers, the richer the positive state you will create. You will find that by the time you’ve asked and answered each question your outlook on the day will be positive.

You definitely won't think about getting back into bed and hiding under the sheets.




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