Want to lose weight?

Imagine if imagining weight loss could make it happen.

It can!

Using your imagination can boost weight loss significantly.

Research by Health Psychologist, Dr Linda Solbrig (1) and her colleagues in 2018 found that using mental imagery to aid weight loss can boost weight loss significantly. Participants in the study were shown to lose an average of five times more weight than those using talking therapy alone and 8 times faster. Amazing!

That’s right, you can use the power of your imagination to lose weight!

Guided imagery to lose weight

The skilled use of guided imagery taps into our imagination and natural problem-solving capacity and as such is one of the most powerful personal change tools available to us.

One group of people who are skilled in the use of guided imagery are professional hypnotists. Hypnotists have known about the power of guided imagery to create changes in behaviours and to facilitate goal achievement, for hundreds of years. And one of the many areas in which hypnosis is successfully employed, is for weight loss and weight management.

Weight loss hypnosis

A key element within weight control hypnosis is getting the overweight person to vividly imagine what they will see, feel and do once they have achieved their desired weight size and shape. They are also guided to imagine the key steps they took to achieve their goal and how they overcame any obstacles and challenges that arose along the way. In other words, imagine themselves as they want to be and to look back from there to see what they did to get to that point.

Hypnosis can also help you use your imagination to ‘go back in time’ to when you were able to enjoy natural movement of some sort when young – such as football, swimming, riding a bike, running or dancing – so that you can reconnect with those feelings and use them as a resource to you achieve your weight goal.

Not everyone recognises the emotional component in eating and that we may eat because of reasons other than hunger, such as boredom, anger, tiredness or for comfort. Hypnosis, utilising your imagination, can help you to let go of the emotional baggage that is underpinning your eating behaviours so you can make better choices about food and exercise.

Hypnosis can make the whole weight loss process a lot easier and permanent

Quite simply, hypnosis can make the whole weight loss process a lot easier and permanent and without the need to diet. Through repeated use of your imagination, you reprogram your mind to run better and healthier habits, and the excess weight starts to drop off. You feel lighter, more confident, happier, and healthier.

For the last decade I’ve been using hypnosis to help people who describe themselves as ‘stuck’ or as ‘yo-yo dieters’ and who often say in frustration, “I’ve tried every diet, and I know all there is to know about nutrition and lifestyle changes, but I just cannot lose weight.”

Weight No More (WNM) HypnoCoaching program

Through my Weight No More (WNM) HypnoCoaching program I provide you with self-knowledge, strategies and skills that empower and motivate you to be successful in achieving your desired weight, size and shape. The program utilises guided imagery as a key component, and I will teach you self-hypnosis so you can practice using your powerful imagination to change your own mind and supercharge the changes you want to make.

Included within the WNM program is the option to have a virtual gastric band (VGB) fitted. This encourages the unconscious mind to believe that a gastric band has been fitted around the top of your stomach. As a result, you find you eat smaller portions.

The ongoing ability to manage your weight whatever happens in the future

My goal in offering the WNM program is to set people free in their minds and bodies, so that they are more able to become the people they aspire to be, to experience achievement and feel good about themselves in ways they may never have conceived.

With the knowledge, tools and understandings you take away, you will know you have the ongoing ability to manage your weight whatever happens in the future, and that will lead to healthy living.

Find out if you are a good fit for the Weight No More (WNM) HypnoCoaching program

If you’d like to find out if you are a good fit for the Weight No More (WNM) HypnoCoaching program, contact me via email: tony@tycoaching.nz or phone/message me on 021 056 8389.

Just imagine what it would be like to be the weight, size and shape you desire ……

…… and then take the first step to making it your reality.


I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible enjoy lives free of unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you’d like my help, or you know someone who would benefit, call/text me today on 021 056 8389 or email tony@tycoaching.nz


1. Linda Solbrig, Ben Whalley, David J. Kavanagh, Jon May, Tracey Parkin, Ray Jones, Jackie Andrade. “Functional imagery training versus motivational interviewing for weight loss: a randomised controlled trial of brief individual interventions for overweight and obesity.” International Journal of Obesity, 2018