Are you considering hiring a life coach to help you get through these challenging times or to help you create change in your life?

Perhaps you have a goal you need help in achieving, or perhaps you have a problem you’re struggling to solve on your own.

Questions are powerful

When you work with a life coach, you’ll find they ask a lot of questions.

This is because questions demand answers and consequently stimulate your mind to come up with possibilities, which may be numerous. And where there are possibilities there is potential for you to change.

And through questioning, your coach is seeking to help you transform non-conscious beliefs, values, behaviours into conscious awareness. By becoming aware of those beliefs, values, behaviours you are then equipped to take back control of your actions, and choose the way you want to be, think and act in future.

A good coach knows how to ask you the right question at the right moment that not only leads you to the best solution, but – more importantly – leads you to actually taking action and create the changes and find the solutions you want.

Without the right support and know how, change can be difficult and time consuming

However, taking action, can be difficult and time consuming because limiting beliefs, values conflicts, unhelpful habits and other non-conscious barriers get in the way. These are all stored at a non-conscious level and can be difficult to overcome, without the right support and know how. Because of this, many people give up in frustration or only partially achieve the change they wanted to make.

Change doesn’t have to end in failure or frustration

The good news is that change doesn’t have to end in failure or frustration. You don’t have to go on existing with the status quo.

You see there are coaches (like me!) who communicate with both the conscious and non-conscious mind and help you make changes at a non-conscious level. This has become widely referred to as ‘rewiring your mind’, and ‘reprogramming your mind.’  When you adopt this holistic approach, change becomes much easier, faster and long lasting.

A HypnoCoach

The kind of coach who communicates with the non-conscious mind is called a ‘HypnoCoach’ because they use hypnosis as the vehicle to guide you into the optimum learning state for updating (‘rewiring’) your unhelpful beliefs and behaviours.


HypnoCoaching is a combination of solution focused coaching and hypnosis. It’s been described as ‘life coaching on steroids,’ and lots of successful athletes, performers and entrepreneurs have benefited from it.

With HypnoCoaching, you start noticing and feeling a difference from the first coaching session.

As people are beginning to see the remarkable, positive changes that HypnoCoaching delivers, more and more of them are starting to embrace it.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a communication process that involves the use of language to direct and absorb attention, lead cognition and seed ideas, for the purpose of enabling someone to utilise their personal resources so they experience a temporary, or permanent, altered subjective reality.

To learn more about hypnosis simply head over to my FAQs page where I give an explanation of hypnosis based on science and research.

So, if you are considering hiring a life coach, now or in the future, and would like to explore how HypnoCoaching can help you successfully create the changes you desire, you can book a free consult with me easily, by clicking here – . Alternatively feel free to call/text me on 021 056 8389.  

Have a wonderful week and stay and well.

~ Tony

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