In the past few weeks my anxiety management clients have ranged in age from ten to seventy-five. 

Anxiety knows no age limit.

It can, and does, strike at any time. And most people are ill-equipped to cope, because no one teaches us  (at school or college or university) how to manage anxiety.

So people suffer and cope the best they can. Some people choose to seek help, or are encouraged, and supported, to seek help by their family, friends, GP.



We all get anxious from time to time, but most of the time our anxiety is unnecessary and unhelpful. It doesn't have to be that way. We may not have been taught how to manage anxiety at school but it's never too late to learn. With the right knowledge and skills we can reclaim control of our anxious thoughts, feelings and sensations.

The first skill I taught my ten year old client and my seventy five year old client was how to breathe in a way that automatically switches off the 'Fight or Flight' response and puts our body into rest and recovery mode. We soon feel calmer and more in control. That's a more resourceful place from which to start to build our anxiety busting knowledge and tool kit.

A good anxiety busting toolkit includes techniques for managing your anxious body, your anxious mind, your anxious feelings and your anxious behaviour. Some techniques are easy to learn and quick to use, others take practice, but like all practice, the results are well worth the effort.

I myself had an opportunity to use some of the techniques in my anxiety toolbox this week. I arrived nice and early at the venue where I was to deliver a 30 minute lunchtime talk, on the topic of work-related stress. Unfortunately, the venue host couldn't get the technology, that would connect me to other venues around the country, to work. As the minutes ticked by someone in the audience asked if I was beginning to get stressed. I smiled and said 'no.' The problem with the technology was out of my control so there was no pint stressing out about that. Instead, I focused on what I could control - what was happning in my mind and body. In my head I ran through what I could leave out of my talk to fit a shortened timeframe. It took ten minutes to fix the connection problem, leaving me with just twenty minutes to speak. By remaining calm, in control and focused, I was able to cover all the main points in my talk, and finish on time.

When it comes to living a life free of unnecessary anxiety it's best to start learning anxiety mastery skills as soon as possible. My ten year old client has already begun to learn and use skills that will last her a lifetime.


Ready to take action?

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Wishing you a calm and peaceful week.
Go well

REMEMBER - "When you change your mind you change your life."


Tony helps adults, teenagers and children live their lives free of unnecessary stress, anxiety and depression, and to build resilience and healthy self-esteem.