“Happiness is not that much affected by adding positives to your life, it’s mostly accomplished by removing a negative.” ~ Pete Adeney

Do you know what one of the most effective ways to remove the negatives from your life is?


Hypnosis can help you experience more happiness

Whether you have relentless negative thoughts, painful feelings, unhelpful habits, hypnosis can help you let go of them and experience more happiness.

Hypnosis is backed by science

Some people think hypnosis is alternative or ‘woo-woo’ but in fact it’s a bona fide personal change practice, backed by science. Research into hypnosis has been going on for over 100 years.

Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from using hypnosis to help them change for the better including movie stars, champion athletes, business professionals.

Over the last eight years I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome a range of issues using hypnosis including low self-esteem, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply the name given to a particular form of communication in which specific, goal directed, positive suggestions are given. When you accept the suggestions, you update your knowledge base (memory) and with the new knowledge you can change the way you think, feel and behave and so create a different future.

That’s it. No magic, no voodoo. Just a normal everyday communication process. And because it’s just a form of communication anyone can experience it and benefit from it.

For more information about hypnosis – 8 amazing truths about hypnosis.

What makes hypnosis so effective

What makes hypnosis so effective is that it guides you into the optimum learning state for updating your knowledge base. That learning state involves concentration and focus on a specific idea or set of ideas. When we focus on anything, we send a message to our brain that what we’re focusing on is important and should be captured for future use. The more we focus on the idea the more likely it is to become encoded in our memory.

Throughout the day we focus on many things. When we’re driving, we focus on the road (driving trance), when at work we focus on our PC screen (PC trance), when checking our phone (phone trance) etc. In these everyday trances we delete from our awareness what is going on in the world around us. Someone could ask us a question, and we don’t hear it because we’re so engaged in our trance. 

‘Everyday trances’ and ‘Hypnotic trance’

We spend most of our day in ‘everyday trances’. We’re naturally skilled at entering and exiting these trances. The trance you choose to experience during hypnosis is commonly referred to as, ‘hypnotic trance’.

Trance is our natural learning state

When it comes to the information stored in our brain, our mind likes the status quo because it’s safer to stick with what you know. When we enter trance, our natural learning state, we are more open to taking on information that we might otherwise reject. That’s why suggestions given when we’re in a trance are so effective. Advertisers know this. That’s why they place adverts in and around our favourite TV programmes. When you’re in your ‘The Chase’ trance or your ‘Coro Street’ trance you’re more likely to store information about the advertised product or service in your memory.

Is it time to see if hypnosis can help you?

If you haven’t tried hypnosis yet, why not give it a go, and experience its ability to help you achieve the change(s) you want to make.

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Here’s to an entrancing week.

~ Tony

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