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Free yourself from your phobia for good

Do you have an intense fear for certain animals, driving, heights, blood, spiders, needles, dentist visits, flying or something else? 

Would you rather climb ten flights than to get into a lift? If so, you may be suffering from a phobia. 

And is your phobia interfering with your ability to do the things you want or need to do such as travel, receive medical care, socialise, enjoy the outdoors?

If you answered 'YES!' then the good news is you can free yourself from your phobia(s). And it can be done comfortably and rapidly with my help. 

In fact I've helped a great number of people overcome their fears and phobias with my unique HYPNOSIS4PHOBIAS Program. 

What is a phobia?

Phobia is the Greek word for "fear". A phobia is an excessive, intense, often irrational fear of certain people, things, places, situations. 

For the phobic person, the intensity of the fear can be overwhelming, disabling, and terrifying. You may feel that your world has fallen apart. You may become isolated because your phobia places limitations on your lifestyle. You may be bewildered by your emotions when confronted by object of your phobia but feel powerless to control them.

A phobia usually gets worse over time unless help is sought. Because a  phobia is a “conditioned response.” each time you encounter the thing you fear, your behaviour in response to that perceived ‘danger’ reinforces and strengthens the phobic reaction.

There are two types of phobia - specific and non-specific

About one in ten people have a specific phobia. A specific phobia is an intense fear of a particular object (e.g. spider) or situation (being on an escalator).  A non-specific phobia is a more generalised fear such as agoraphobia (fear of open spaces or heights). 

The fear is often irrational

Since phobias often cause people to fear non-threatening objects, they are often perceived as irrational. And, in a way, that’s right. A phobia has nothing to do with the thinking, rational part of your brain. A phobic response is simply your survival mechanism ‘gone wrong.’

You can often see the irrationality of your phobic reaction. This, however, rarely helps you. You feel powerless to change your perception. So, what does help?


Sign up for the 3 session HYPNOSIS4PHOBIAS program and say 'goodbye' to your phobia or specific fear for good.

I can help you overcome your phobia/fear of:

public speaking
the dark
small/confined spaces (e.g. elevators)
white coats
anything not listed here

There are hundreds of phobias. People can develop a phobia of just about anything, from buttons to boiled eggs. If your fear or phobia isn't listed above, rest assured the HYPNOSIS4FEAR Program can help you because it's flexible enough to deal with any phobia.

Hypnotherapy - the secret to overcoming phobias

Many people who suffer from a phobia recognize that their fear is irrational and yet remain unable to control it. This is because the phobic reaction is an entirely instinctive, subconscious reaction.

The good news is that because they are a subconscious reaction, fears and phobias are uniquely susceptible to change through the medium of hypnosis. Hypnosis provides a way of making rapid changes in automatic responses by helping you create changes at the subconscious level. 

How soon can you expect to experience freedom from your phobia?

The pace of change is different for everyone, since everyone is unique. In most cases the change is rapid, taking less than an hour, and sometimes it can take two or three sessions. I've noticed that it sometimes takes a little while for people to realize that their fear or phobia has gone, since they still expect it to be there.

Hypnotherapy & Neural Coding
the secret to overcoming phobias

What you can expect from the HYPNOSIS4PHOBIAS Program


Feel more in control of your life.


Feel more comfortable and at ease.


Start enjoying life again.


Feel greater confidence in yourself.

Quality of Life

Enjoy a greater quality of life.


Build enhanced resilience.


This powerful, unique program has evolved from my experience of working with hundreds of people to reduce their fears and phobias over the last decade. The program incorporates a range of effective, proven, methodologies, tools and techniques including hypnosis. Research has found that when hypnosis is combined with other therapeutic and coaching techniques, better and more rapid results are achieved.

Live Sessions

2 sessions. The phobia is removed in first session (90 minutes) and in the subsequent session (60 minutes) we reinforce the change and install additional resources.


Between sessions you will have some assignments to complete. These involve practicing techniques, listening to mp3s.

Self Hypnosis 

The HYPNOSIS4PHOBIAS Program utilises hypnosis as the vehicle for change. I will teach you how to practice self-hypnosis so you have the ability to change the way you think, feel and behave.

Hypnosis Recordings

The program includes hypnosis recordings that are tailored to you. The recordings help both to create change and to consolidate the changes you make during the program.


There is a saying that knowledge is power. Once you understand the way that fear is created it will put you back in the driving seat. You will understand why the HYPNOSIS4PHOBIAS Program is so effective.

Schedule a no obligation consultation with Tony

Curious about how I can help you to gain freedom from your phobia(s)/fear?

If you've tried other stress treatments without success, my HYPNOSIS4PHOBIAS program may be the solution you've been looking for. To help you answer that question, I offer a thirty-minute consultation via Zoom. There's no hard sell – just a chance to explore how this bespoke program, tailored to you specifically, can help you become free of your phobia, once and for all. 

During the consultation I’m going to share with you, a rapid, proven way to calm your nervous system within minutes. Studies confirm that regular practice of this technique can be life changing.

There is a small booking fee for the consultation, which is deducted from the total price of the 3 session program once you decide that this is indeed the solution for you. To schedule your discovery consultation today, simply click the button below.

Success stories

"I was blown away with the hypnotic process and how Tony used it to get to the source of my symptoms. Tony has a no-nonsense practical approach to addressing problems and is all about finding the solution."

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"Thanks to Tony I completely got over my fear of flying. He is amazing ."

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"I have always had a fear of spiders. When I encountered one I would panic and feel repulsed. After a couple of sessions with Tony, I no longer experience these emotions. I am amazed that such a phobia can be overcome by hypnotherapy. I am now able to control my fear of spiders and remove them from the house. For me this is a great result."

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"My son came home from school a couple of weeks ago and declared "this hypnotherapy stuff really works!". He had been rock climbing with his class and had managed to climb right to the top of the wall. He said the only thing holding him back was the strength (or lack of) in his arms. The hypnotherapy was a great success."

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